Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler Commercial College

Model Officer Department
Tyler Commercial College
November 18, 1911

Counting from left to right the first number shows position of row and second shows number in row, etc.

1-1 M. J. Ryan, Houston, TX
1-2 Ada Christensen, Brownsville, TX
1-3 Lillie Lawrey, Bernice, LA
1-4 Lula Walker, Tyler, TX
1-5 A. P. Wilcox, Huntsville, TX

2-1 J. W. Cunningham, Hurton, TX
2-2 H. Hord, Goliard, TX
2-3 J. A. Cunningham, St. Joe, TX
2-4 M. O. Perry, Korns, TX
2-5 Cecil Dose, Luftkin, TX
2-6 Carl Garner, Horatio, AR
2-7 N. C. Leach, Florien, LA

3-1 S. A. Allen, Bertram, TX
3-2 Garland Curl, Monticella, AR
3-3 M. S. Johnson, Nunly, AR
3-4 Dosher Price, Summerville, LA
3-5 F. J. Musil, Stanford, TX
3-6 W. H. Jones, Temple, TX

4-1 Prof. H. C. Shinn, Farmersville, TX

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